Iceland Gallery Online

It took a long time but finally I managed to put the gallery of my pictures from Iceland online. Click here or the image below to view it.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to do everything that we had planned (for example the hike of Laugavegur), but it was great nonetheless. One thing is for sure: I will return!


Hafragilsfoss Video

During my visit to Iceland I started to experiment with video for the first time. I came to the conclusion that this is a great way to show people the dynamics of some scenes like waterfalls. The video below was captured at the same spot as this image and shows Hafragilsfoss. This waterfall with a height of 27 meters is formed by the river Jökulsá á Fjöllum and located a few Kilometers downstream from Dettifoss.

My effort is focused on photography; videos are merely a side-product of my work but you may find them interesting nevertheless, especially in combination with the photos.

By the way: I am still working on the photos from Iceland, they will be published as soon as I am finished.

About Daytime Long Exposures

One of my favorite photography techniques is long exposure during daytime. A scene may look totally different depending on the exposure time. All moving elements will be blurred in a long exposure. In landscape photography this especially applies to water and elements affected by wind, such as clouds.

The following two images are examples of the same scene captured with exposures of 44 s (above) and 1/20 s (below).

Northern Sunset

1/20s exposure

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Painting with Light