Landscapes in Germany

While I often roam northern Europe and other countries I’m also visiting places in Germany, my home country. In particular, I’m planning to do more photography near home – currently the city of Hamburg. So you can expect this gallery to be extended in the future :-).

Near Hamburg

The city of Hamburg has become my home few years ago. Hamburg is not exactly famous for its nature (but for lots of other sights). However, in the outskirts of the city you can find nature refuges, like forests and marshes. I’m planning to explore more of those in the future.

Winter around Hamburg

It is rare that we get really wintery conditions around Hamburg. If we do, they usually only last for a few days – reason enough to get out with the camera.

Lüneburg Heath

This famous area is located between Hamburg and Hannover. During the heather bloom the landscape becomes a sea of violet which is a sight to behold.

Island of Amrum

Amrum is a small island (about 10 km from north to south tip) just situated in the North Sea, off the coast of Germany. It is part of the Frisian Islands archipelago and is known for its vast sandy beaches and sand dunes.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania – Forests at the Baltic Coast

In some places at the German Baltic coast beautiful beech forests grow close to the sea. Many trees have bare lower trunks due to the difficult growing conditions resulting from strong winds and salt deposition.

Central Germany – Hoher Meißner, Hesse

This is not a area commonly visited by tourists, although there are some castles nearby. During a visit in late November I mostly focused on taking images of the remaining autumnal colors. None of the images was taken on the summit of Hoher Meißner (753m) but rather in lower elevation areas and forests in the vicinity.

Palatinate Forest

The German region Palatinate is rich in forests, hills, castle ruins and interesting rock formations. In my opinion, autumn is the best time of year to visit the area.

Saxon Switzerland – Kirnitzsch Valley

In Saxony there’s a region called Saxon Switzerland, part of which is a national park. The area is especially known for its spectacular rock formations. However, there are also other interesting features – such as the valley/gorge of the river Kirnitzsch.

When I visited the area in late winter, there was no good light for the rock formations but the conditions were really well-suited for photographing the scenes above. I’ll probably return for the rock formations in the future.

Painting with Light