Lapland – Kebnekaisefjäll

This gallery is dedicated to images from the large mountain area around Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest peak. The area is situated in Lapland, in the very north of Sweden and close to the Norwegian border. Some of the images have actually been taken in Norway. There’s also a gallery dedicated to winter images from this region here.

Teusajaure – Kaitumjaure (Sjaunja Nature Reserve)

From Teusajaure hut I took a pathless detour from the Kungsleden trail for five days that led me through the more mountainous part of the Sjaunja nature reserve that also covers a lot of flatter terrain. Sjaunja  is part of the UNESCO world heritage site Laponia. Of particular interest to me were the large lakes Teusajaure and Kaitumjaure that are surrounded by mountain ranges. I did not encounter a single person during those five days.

Kaitumjaure and Tjäktjavagge

The following images were taken in vicinity of the famous Kungsleden trail which leads from Kaitumjaure through Tjäktjavagge towards Tjäkta Pass. It is a beautiful area that can be accessed hiking from hut to hut. If possible I tried to camp not directly at the trail but at scenic spots that offered good views across the valley.

 Guobirvággi and Kaskasavagge

Guobirvággi and Kaskasavagge are glacier-formed valleys oriented in west-east direction. They are located between Tjäktjavágge and Visttasvággi. Both valleys are alpine with little vegetation. From Guobirvággi a pass can be traversed to get to Tarfala.


There’s an STF hut located at the lake Darfáljávri which is often covered by snow and ice until late in the summer. The images below have been taken in mid August. Particularly interesting are the great views of the surrounding glaciers. This can be a very windy location with little protection from the weather. I experienced stormy conditions when I camped here which made for an unpleasant night. I moved to the hut afterwards.


In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful valleys in the area. It offers lush vegetation, a beautiful river and steep mountains in the upper part. I’ve come here in both summer and winter on four trips overall.

Unna and Stuor Reaiddávággi, Nallo

Unna and Stuor Reaiddávággi can be hiked in a half-closed loop starting from Visttasvággi. While walking in Unna Reaiddávággi can be rough, Stuor Reaiddávaggi is easy to walk and can also be accessed from the Sälka huts. The small Nallo hut is located directly beneath the homonymous mountain.

Alesjaure, Sealggajávri and towards Abisko

The following images are from the area between Alesjaure and Abisko, including the Norwegian terrain near the beautiful lake  Sealggajávri.


This is a frequently-hiked route from Nikkaluokta to Kebnekaise Mountain Station. So far, I only have walked the last section close to Nikkaluokta. However, I climbed Gármasbákti which offers magnificent views of the lake Láddjujávri from above.

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