Lapland – Arjeplogsfjäll and Sulitjelma

From Jäkkvik to Lomtjärnen

Images from my hike from Jäkkvik via Pieljekaise National Park and Gujjávrre to Lomtjärnen. This is an area that seems not very popular by hikers and thus I encountered only a few Sami people at the tiny settlement Tjállas. The area is beautiful and from Ruonekjåhka there’s a marked trail (which is sometimes overgrown).

Ikkesjávrre and Mávasjávrre

These are two large lakes that can be reached by a trail from road 95 (“Silvervägen”). The trail first passes Jurun and the small lake Jurunjávrre. During my visit, I crossed Mávasjávrre by using a packraft as there was no boat service in 2022.


A beautiful and even larger lake to the north-east of Mávasjávrre (and connected by a trail). At the northern shore there’s an STF hut.

Sulitjelma Circuit

Sulitjelma (or Sulitelma in Swedish spelling) is a mountain massif located both in Norway and Sweden. I walked in a circuit from Pieskehaure via Ny-Sulitjelma and Såjåsjávvre then back to Pieskehaure going south along Nordkalottleden .

Painting with Light