Cool down a bit – with a video of my last winter trip

It is summer in the northern hemisphere and possibly you have some hot weather. In those conditions it is nice to cool down a bit – at least mentally :-). I’m slow at video editing and my day job also requires some of my time. But finally I completed the short video about my ski trip in Lapland last March. So, relax and cool down – I did the all the effort for you:

Nordic Winter - A Ski Trip in Swedish Lapland

Some facts: 9 days out in the mountains, this time only 3 nights in the tent, the rest in huts. The weather was exceptional, but much colder than last year. I carried about 40 kg of overall gear (most of it on the sled). Roughly half of the distance was covered on the King’s Trail (Kungsleden) which is marked also in winter. The rest was less frequented and involved some steep sections (Tjäktja – Nallo) which were challenging with the sled – especially for me as a winter rookie.

My photographic equipment sometimes struggled with the cold and I needed to warm up the batteries to get the camera to work. Even the action camera I used needed to be kept warm – otherwise it would turn off after 2-3 seconds. But to me it was worth the effort.

You can find photos I captured during both of my winter trips in the gallery. There’s also a blog post with a comparison of the same scenes in summer and winter.

If you’re more into summer time, probably my video about last year’s visit to the Scottish highlands is more to your liking. You can find it here.

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