New Zealand’s South Island in two Months

New Zealand has been on my bucket list for a long time. As it’s on the other side of the globe from where I live, a trip requires a decent amount of time to be worth it. Unfortunately, with most normal day jobs it’s difficult to get off a month or more. But luckily, due to a change in my professional career, I had the unique opportunity to devote two months to exploring new Zealand’s South Island.

Dawn in Eglinton Valley
Dawn in Eglinton Valley

My itinerary

Why only the South Island? I decided to focus on the South Island as I wanted to explore the country in-depth, do a lot of hiking and not rush from location to location. In addition, I have one more reason to return one day :-)!

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Images from my Lapland hike / reworking galleries

In the process of creating the gallery of this year’s Lapland hike I decided that I wanted to use a new style with larger pictures and more background information. In addition, the selection of photos will be more rigorous and I will merge some of the old galleries with similar topics. So far, some galleries are available in the new format, more will follow.

Deep Blue
Deep Blue: One of the new images from Lapland

An Outdoor Adventure

Summer started late in Lapland this year since the amount of snow fallen during winter was very high. In fact, I was told that this much snow hasn’t been around for decades. Obviously, this had some impact on my (and everyone else’s) hiking plans. Especially in early summer this lead to very difficult conditions. I started out in August, but there was still much snow left in the higher areas and the water levels of streams and rivers were high.

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Painting with Light