Lapland in Winter – Sarek

After two winter trips to Swedish Lapland, more specifically to the mountain area around Kebnekaise, called Kebnekaisefjäll, I decided that it was time to come back. This time I wanted to visit Sarek National Park and its surroundings. I have spent a lot of time in that area before, however, not yet during wintertime.


Rapadalen is the largest and longest valley in Sarek. It is famous for its magnificient river landscapes and deltas. During winter it looks totally different, the Ráhpaädno river and the two deltas  are largely covered in snow and ice.

Around Bierikjåhkå (between Sarek and Ähpár Mountain Massives)

I spent two days in this area: the first one with very strong winds and dark clouds; the second with sunshine and blue skies.

Stora Sjöfallet

This national park is located adjacent to and north of Sarek. We discovered an interesting ravine with high, overhanging snow walls and also were treated with northern lights and a beautiful sunrise.

Along Kungsleden

The King’s Trail leads along the eastern edge of Sarek and features beautiful scenery by itself. It is winter-marked and therefore difficult to miss. One disadvantage is, however, that you’ll quite often encounter snow scooter drivers.

More to come?

So far, this gallery is comprised of images from a single trip. I plan to return to Sarek during wintertime. Unfortunately, a trip planned in 2023 needed to be canceled because I got sick. I’ll be back another time :-).

Painting with Light