Arjeplogsfjäll and Sulitjelma – another backpacking trip in Lapland

In early autumn last year I was on a cross-border backpacking trip in Swedish and Norwegian Lapland which was almost 3 weeks in length. I more footage than I usually do and thus decided to publish the film about this trip in two parts. It really was a unique and beautiful experience. I only met few human beings and was often alone for days.

For the first time carried a small packraft as an experiment. Crossing Mávasjávrre wouldn’t have been possible without it as there was no boat service this year. And it was also fun :-)! The route of the trip is listed below.

Part 1: Jäkkvik – Tjállas – Guijaure – Lomtjärnen – Silvervägen – Ikkesjávrre – Mavas

Arjeplogsfjäll and Sulitjelma Circuit (Hiking in Lapland) - Part 1

Part 2: Mavas – Pieskehaure – Ny Sulitjelma – Sorjushytta – Stáddájåhkå – Pieskehaure – Vaimok – Tarradalen – Kvikkjokk

Arjeplogsfjäll and Sulitjelma Circuit (Hiking in Lapland) - Part 2

In time I’ll eventually publish also images of this trip.

Visiting the Isle of Amrum

Amrum is a small island (about 10 km from north to south tip) just situated in the North Sea, off the coast of Germany. It is part of the Frisian Islands archipelago and is known for its vast sandy beaches and sand dunes. It is a popular destinatipm, however, it never gets too crowded as there is only limited accommodation available.

My photographic interest was in particular in the dunes, some of which are overgrown with grasses and heather. In the following you can find some of the images I captured during my one-week stay on the island.

Rare snowy conditions around Hamburg

Unfortunately, it is are that we get proper snowfall in Hamburg and its surroundings. If the snow doesn’t melt right away, it usually lasts only for a short while. For me, the last two days were special as the snow really stuck to the trees transforming the landscape into a winter wonderland. As expected, after two days it is already mostly gone.

I went out to capture some of those fleeting moments.

Winter is coming soon…

It won’t take long until winter is there once again. Past winter a friend and I went on a multi-day ski trip in Swedish Lapland, more specifically in and around Sarek national park. Finally I completed a short film about this trip:

Winter in Sarek - A Winter Adventure in Lapland

In a while I’ll also update the image galleries with new images of wintery landscapes.

Update: a dedicated image gallery about wintery Sarek is now available as well.

Painting with Light