Arjeplogsfjäll and Sulitjelma – another backpacking trip in Lapland

In early autumn last year I was on a cross-border backpacking trip in Swedish and Norwegian Lapland which was almost 3 weeks in length. I more footage than I usually do and thus decided to publish the film about this trip in two parts. It really was a unique and beautiful experience. I only met few human beings and was often alone for days.

For the first time carried a small packraft as an experiment. Crossing Mávasjávrre wouldn’t have been possible without it as there was no boat service this year. And it was also fun :-)! The route of the trip is listed below.

Part 1: Jäkkvik – Tjállas – Guijaure – Lomtjärnen – Silvervägen – Ikkesjávrre – Mavas

Arjeplogsfjäll and Sulitjelma Circuit (Hiking in Lapland) - Part 1

Part 2: Mavas – Pieskehaure – Ny Sulitjelma – Sorjushytta – Stáddájåhkå – Pieskehaure – Vaimok – Tarradalen – Kvikkjokk

Arjeplogsfjäll and Sulitjelma Circuit (Hiking in Lapland) - Part 2

In time I’ll eventually publish also images of this trip.

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