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Complete travel report of my Sarek hike now available

Finally it’s all available, the travel report about last autumn’s adventure in Swedish Lapland. You can find it here. I updated also the image gallery about Sarek which consists of photographs taken during four trips in the area.

Travel Report: Sarek – the 4th Iteration

Several years ago I went on my first hike in Lapland, in Sarek national park. Since then I have come back to Swedish and Norwegian Lapland many times. While I revisit places, usually there are also some new vistas on my itinerary. Last autumn I visited the Sarek area for the fourth time.

The stream Bierikjåhkå
The stream Bierikjåhkå

I am currently  writing a report about my hike, starting with some general information and my first five hiking days. If you are interested, continue reading here.

Abstract Landscape Impressions (Laitaure Delta)

Only now I am finally working through the images I took during a 2-week backpacking trip in Sarek (Swedish Lapland) mid September.  In particular, I re-visited the summit of Skierffe for the third time.  This location offers magnificent views across the  Laitaure Delta.

The following images are abstract views of this maze of colorful streams, swamps and forests in their fall colors seen from high above. The Rapa River deposits huge amounts of glacial sediments into the Laitaure lake which results in this unique landscape.