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Upcoming Trips

SkogafossIn less than a month a friend and I will depart on a 3-week trip to Iceland. While exploring the country by car and on foot we hope to capture the wonderful Icelandic sceneries with our cameras. Our trip will involve a lot of hiking, including the famous Laugavegur, a multi-day hike in southern Iceland.

After the Iceland trip I will be visiting the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway for another week. Thus, you can expect a lot of new pictures to be added in October/November (unfortunately taking pictures involves also some work at the computer). Possibly also a travel report will follow.

New website finally online

Finally I have completed the revision of my website. The old galleries have been integrated and will soon be extended by new material, as I am planning two trips in the next months. I will try to keep you up to date with my activities and possibly also provide you some information on my approach to photography in the future.

For now, feel free to explore my galleries. If you find any errors or have problems with the new site please contact me. Thank you!