Lapland – Kvikkjokk, Tarradalen and Surroundings


Kvikkjokk is a small village founded in the 17th century when silver was found near Alkavare (now part of Sarek national park). There area has been home to the Sami for much longer. At Kvikkjokk the road from Jokkmokk ends. It is a popular destination for hikers with the Kvikkjokk Fjällstation (mountain station) as accomodation. Most notably, the famous trails Kungsleden and Padjelantaleden lead to the village.

Among the interesting sights are the church, the river rapids of Gamájåhka and the Kvikkjokk delta at the north-western end of the large lake Sakkat. The images have been taken during several visits.


Tarradalen is a river valley to the north-west of Kvikkjokk. It features lush birch forests, lakes, river rapids and waterfalls. It is framed by mountains on both sides; the tallest are part of the Tarrekaise massif which rise up more than 1000 m above the valley floor. I visited the area during two hikes, one in July/August and the second in September, when the valley seems a sea of autumn colors. The trail Padjelantaleden leads through Tarradalen.

West of Tarradalen

Following the trail Nordkalottleden from Tarradalen you reach the lake Vaimok after about 20 km by passing through Gurávágge.


Vaimok (spelled also Vájmok) is a lake situated above the treeline to the west of Tarradalen. The following images were taken during a hike in late July when the Vaimok huts were not yet open (the huts can be seen in the lower part of the last image).


Gurávágge is the valley connecting Vaimok and Tarradalen. The trail Nordkalottleden leads through it. A notable mountain in close proximity is Staika as depicted in the first image below.

Western “edge” of Tarradalen

The following images are from a pathless hike to north from Vaimok via Fierrovágge. When getting close to Tarradalen there are some beautiful views from “hills” in the area such as Goahtnjunjes (see below) or Vuoksak (I haven’t been to this one yet).

Painting with Light