Southern Norway

Fjord Norway

The following images cover the region around the great fjords in southern Norway. Most of them were taken during hikes, such as

  • Preikestolen and Kjerag near Lysefjord
  • Western Hardangervidda
  • Aurlandsdalen
  • Summit of Skåla near Innvikfjorden


Jotunheimen – the “home of the giants” – is an alpine area including the highest mountains of Scandinavia. It comprises a national park and is very popular among hikers – both for day trips and for multi-day hikes. Although a lot of huts in day hiking distance are available I preferred to use my tent. Jotunheimen was the destination of one of my first multi-day hikes (3 days). Later I returned for a longer trip of 9 days.

Painting with Light